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Arnold Schwarzenegger tried to warn us, but we didn’t listen!  Before the Terminator, there was the telephone - Before the T1000 there was the Nokia 3210.

A music comedy sci-fi action movie adventure set in the year 2020 where robots completely run the planet and are our overlords.  A hilarious take on the situation we're faced with, with I-phone addiction and too much screen time.


Eddie effortlessly turns a very serious matter into a very thought provoking comedy which is helping start the conversation wherever it takes him.  Eddie has received 4 star reviews, has won audiences over everywhere he goes, was nominated for Best Cabaret at the Fringe at the Edge of the World Festival in Hobart and enjoyed sell out seasons at Darwin Fringe Festival 2019.​

“From the first minute he had his audience hooked and hanging onto his every word... Together with social commentary and the whims of a talented musician... it isn’t just this show’s inter-textuality that makes it brilliant.

— Kayla Gaskell, Tulpa Magazine

A delightful satirical musical comedy...Funny, engaging, with a great soundtrack produced live by Eddie Ray on stage, if you’re into comedy like Flight of the Conchords, this show is for you.”

— Melissa Kruger- XPress Magazine

 Schwarzenegger’s Terminator in a mash-up is bust-yer-gut funny.

— Tasmania Times Arts and Culture


Totally entertaining, hilarious, thought provoking and very, very clever

—  Darwin Fringe 2019

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