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The year is 2020, Eddie Ray is on a world tour with his one man show ‘Leader of the Resistance’.  He is a rockstar!  An entertainer! A crowd favourite!  He is also on a mission. Eddie is on a mission to save the human race from being taken over by the Machines - our smartphones.  
This man has vision, he has purpose, he has identity; he is “That Guy… Without a Smartphone!” He is changing the world one Facebook notification at a time, when suddenly, a great silence falls on the cities, and the world plunges into darkness……… 
Join ‘That Guy’ as he wanders out into the wasteland searching for people, searching for the truth, searching for baked beans and toilet paper.  With no smartphone, will he ever find out what happened to all the people? Will live entertainment ever return to our cities? And who was this Covid? 
This hilarious one man comedy follows our hero as he explores self isolation in a different sense, being trapped in limbo with the borders shut and country in lockdown, surviving in the Australian desert with nothing but his memories of a past life. 
This 4 episode taster was created in 5 days of ‘Essential Travel’ as Eddie was forced to head to Queensland amid Covid-19 lockdowns and travel bans.  ​All scenes are improvised and post  production was done during the compulsory quarantine period upon his arrival in Queensland.  ​This project was supported by the 'Home Of The Arts’ Rage Against The V(irus) fund for artists in lockdown.  

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