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Eddie Ray is part storyteller, part comedian, part musician, part machine.

His music is funky, and his shows are funny.  

You may not have heard of Eddie Ray yet, but you will....

Not has such a fresh sound emerged since Young Einstein invented the electric violin. 

In Eddies latest and most ambitious project 'Silence of the Jams' He has invented a new genre of film making - The micro budget one man musical, and along the way, invented a new style - Western surf funk.  Think a mixture between Pulp Fiction and Django Unchained, but on motorbikes.

As someone who hates sitting still Eddie is always changing and evolving and as someone who hates being online, he used the pandemic to get busy in other ways, and get outside, making a film with an original live music soundtrack which was tracking life as a musician in lockdown in real time.

With his Partner in crime, Aimee from Kerbside Collective, they managed to shoot an entire film with two people.  One camera, one actor.
As a musician he is a force to be reckoned with, creating funky, uplifting songs about life's simple truths. Eddie plays every single instrument on his albums, and creates heart warming down to earth lyrics that resonate - He is also a highly accomplished loop pedal artist who can fill the room with such rich sounds you’d expect to see a 7 piece band on stage.  His debut EP has had radio play on community radio all around the country and his film clip for “The Story” won a the Gold Coast Music Awards - Film Clip of the Year 2020.  
As a stage performer Eddie has been touring the country with his one man show “Leader of the Resistance” - A sci-fi comedy show with live music and plenty of Terminator references. This show; set in the year 2020 where machines are our overlords, is not only a hilarious take on our current smartphone addictions, it showcases Eddie's skills as a loop pedal musician and storyteller.  This show had a sell out season in Darwin Fringe Festival, was nominated for Best Cabaret at Hobart’s Fringe at The Edge of the World Festival and has been receiving rave reviews wherever it goes, having completed seasons at Fringe World Festival in Perth and the legendary Adelaide Fringe Festival.  This show was set for an extensive tour before the Covid-19 lockdown saw the season cut short.  


Shortly after the lockdown went into effect Eddie Jumped into action creating a web-series about self isolation thanks to receiving the Home Of The Art’s ‘Rage Against The V(irus)’ grant.  His latest project “The Road Worrier'' is a beautifully written comedy with an alternative viewpoint on self isolation - dealing with loneliness, confusion, and self identity set amongst the beauty of the harsh Australian outback.  This one man comedy web-series was filmed over 5 days of ‘Essential Travel’ under the government's travel bans and Eddie's compulsory relocation back to Queensland. 
Eddie is one half of ‘Kerbside Collective’ who was previously touring their backyard circus ‘Life On The Line’ where Eddie played alongside his partner in crime Aimee Eliza in a slapstick, silly show about getting outdoors and using your imagination, touring nationally and performing at festivals such as Woodford Folk Festival, Gumball Festival, Fairgrounds Festival to name a few - The pair also had a more adults orientated show titled ‘Eddie and Eliza’s Backyard Boogaloo’ which premiered at the Darwin Fringe Festival in 2019. 
Eddie is also one half of party band ‘Burger Joint’ who also toured extensively and played the festival circuit including such festivals as Bello Winter Music Festival, Woodford Folk Festival, Caloundra Music Festival, Gumball Festival, to name a few.  Burger Joint was also nominated for Film Clip of the Year with their breakout single ‘Best Day Ever’ which featured the pair riding motorbikes with dogs. 
Eddie is a versatile performer who enjoys bringing the joy to the dark parts of life - His performing life pre-covid was as active as it comes, spreading himself between Kerbside Collective, Burger Joint, his solo music career and his one man shows - However thanks to the lockdown laws, is now looking at alternative ways to reach new audiences.


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